Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dorm Organization: DIY Container

I've been packing my life away to move into my dorm next week and just realized that I had no where to put all of the quarters I've saved for laundry trips. A simple minded person might just put them in rolls but I'm all about organization that is easy to look at, which doesn't include brown rolls of paper.

Here's what you'll need:
Small Tupperware
Washi Tape

 Easy Enough?

 Take your washi tape and start wrapping it around the container. If yours is round like mine or gets wider as it goes up, you will have small bumps in the tape but don't worry too much about them.
 After you wrap the tape all the way around the container, cut it and then start a new line right below it. You could definitely just continue wrapping the tape without cutting every row, however, I found the best results when each row was separated because they lined up more nicely.

Smooth out as many bumps as you can and you're finished! You could customize yours by using two different tape designs, writing on it, or adding other embellishments!

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