Sunday, June 21, 2015

DIY Wall Decor: Canvas Cutouts

Today I decided that I don't have enough on my walls (even though there is no space for anything else) and decided to make these beautifully simple pieces. All you need are a couple canvas boards, stencil designs, a pencil, tape, an X-Acto knife and some free time.
Supplies needed
Patterned stencils. My printer was acting up so I had to trace them in pencil off of the computer screen. If you can print, I highly suggest that route!!
Cut the stencil to fit onto the canvas.
Tape the stencil to the canvas with the patterned side facing the front of the canvas.
Hold your canvas in front of a light source, I held it against a window. Trace the stencil onto the back of the canvas. (Note: make sure you do this on the back of the canvas so that you won't see any extra pencil lines when you are done)
After tracing the stencils onto the canvas backs.
Now take your X-Acto knife and cut along the lines! Be careful to make sure that your cuts all reach each other to prevent ripping or stretching the canvas. 
Finished product!

And there you have it! Beautiful wall decorations that look decently expensive all for about $10 if you already had the X-Acto knife. Have fun DIYing and feel free to send my pictures of your canvas cutouts!

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